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COVID and Unfair Dismissal

Brian AJ Newman LLB

13 Apr 2022

What are the real impacts?

COVID has Family taken hold in the Australian landscape and has deeply impacted on the employability of several Australians consciously choose to remain unvaccinated or him site serious health complications which provide for a medical exemption in terms of the Coverd 19 pandemic vaccinations.

Too often now we are seeing employers using a workers vaccination status as justification to terminate the employment contracts or to bring about pressure upon the employees to force resignation or promote non-genuine redundancies as an option to refresh their workforces or to simply reduce their numbers and liabilities.

Employees engaging in this kind of conduct or to be cautious about unfair dismissal applications and general protections complaints to the fair work commission on the basis that they are making a decision on discriminatory grounds "potentially" which may lead workers to file for litigation in the fair work commission or one of the various human rights commissions.

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