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Evidence Tips

The golden rule above all else is to stay calm when under examination.

Never lie and always keep you answers brief and to the point.

If your are starting out on the journey of dispute resolution, always touch base with a Medical Professional to make sure your mental and general health can withstand the challenges ahead.

If you have experienced things such as bullying, harassment or another kind of injury in the workplace or as a direct result of discrimination of human rights matter, always speak to your Medical Professional as soon as possible and make full and frank disclosure about how you are feeling.

Take advice from Medical experts who may deal with those matters more regularly than you have experienced.

Need more information or tips?


Make a list of all of the issues in dispute for you and which may be causing you to feel anxious.


Show the list to your Medical practitioner and share it with your chosen representative from the start to ensure that your story is told and there is no stone left unturned.


1800ADVOCATES recommends our clients use AYOA Mindmapping techniques.


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