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Our Services

Our services in the Fair Work and Human RIghts jurisdictions in Australia are both reliable and affordable.

We are professional Advocates and we are not a legal service.

Our Advocacy Service was first born in 2001 and since then has evolved into our current structure.

Our many specialist business units include a close association with major law firms who specialise in areas of law, such as personal injury and other matters outside of our own scope.

Our services are well-positioned within a volatile and demanding consumer market of workplace and human rights complaints and although sometimes challenging, our Advocates pride themselves on ensuring that the client's needs come first and the aspirational goals of justice and fair play are fronts of mind.

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Fair Work Commission 

  • unfair dismissal appeals

  • general protection complaints

  • unpaid wages claims

  • superannuation claims

  • enterprise bargaining agreements

Human Rights Commission

  • discrimination complaints

  • sexual harassment

  • racial discrimination

  • age discrimination

  • criminal history discrimination

  • sex discrimination

  • marital status discrimination

  • family responsibilities discrimination

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Workers Compensation Appeals

Workers' compensation appeals can be difficult and each State and Territory have unique legislation that can be tricky to navigate.

Our professional advocacy services can help you navigate that system and give you the best chance of a successful appeal.

Disciplinary Investigations and Appeals

Our professional advocacy services can be the difference between a good and a bad outcome.

Engage a professional advocate to help you through the investigations and appeal process efficiently to ensure you don't get stuck with a poor outcome or have your right to procedural fairness impaired.

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