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1800NOWINNOFEE™ partners with 1800ADVOCATES™ to deliver greater opportunities for unfair dismissal justice

In the last financial year, Australia saw a significant number of unfair dismissal cases, reflecting the challenging circumstances many workers find themselves in. Facing unfair dismissal is a profound setback, leaving individuals vulnerable and in search of justice.

With the complexity of employment disputes, particularly unfair dismissal, finding expert guidance is crucial. It's here that 1800ADVOCATES™ and 1800NOWINNOFEE™ step in, uniting forces to champion the rights of those subjected to unfair dismissal.

The Landscape of Unfair Dismissal

The recent statistics are telling: the last financial year witnessed thousands of unfair dismissal claims lodged across Australia. Remarkably, 80 to 90% of these cases were settled at the first conciliation conference when the workers were represented by professional advocates.

This highlights the significant impact that expert representation can have on the outcome of unfair dismissal claims.

Free Consultation: Evaluate Your Unfair Dismissal Case

Understanding your rights and the best course of action in the wake of an unfair dismissal is the first step towards seeking redress. 1800ADVOCATES™ and 1800NOWINNOFEE™ offer a free initial consultation for anyone facing unfair dismissal.

This consultation, supported by our no win no fee service, is essential for evaluating your unfair dismissal case, providing clarity on your position and the best path forward with the assurance of our no win no fee promise.

Expert Advocacy for Your Unfair Dismissal Claim

Navigating through an unfair dismissal claim requires a nuanced understanding of employment law and the procedures of the Fair Work Commission.

Our team, dedicated to advocating for every individual facing unfair dismissal, offers comprehensive support through each step of the claim process. We aim to rectify the injustice of your unfair dismissal, all within our no win no fee framework.

Why Choose Us for Your Unfair Dismissal Claim

- Proven Expertise: Our track record in successfully handling unfair dismissal cases underscores our commitment and expertise, all offered on a no win no fee basis.

- Personalised Support: Recognising the unique nature of each unfair dismissal case, we provide personalised advice and advocacy, backed by our no win no fee guarantee.

- Commitment to Justice: Our no win no fee commitment ensures accessible, comprehensive support for all victims of unfair dismissal, reflecting our unwavering dedication to justice.

Act Promptly to Challenge Your Unfair Dismissal

Time is of the essence when it comes to addressing an unfair dismissal. With strict deadlines enforced by the Fair Work Commission, immediate action is crucial. Contacting 1800ADVOCATES™ and 1800NOWINNOFEE™ for your free, no win no fee consultation is the pivotal first step in challenging your unfair dismissal and reclaiming your professional rights.


The last financial year's statistics on unfair dismissal in Australia underscore the critical role of professional advocacy.

With the majority of cases settled at the first conciliation conference with professional representation, the importance of seeking expert assistance cannot be overstated.

1800ADVOCATES™ and 1800NOWINNOFEE™ stand ready to support you with our no win no fee service, ensuring access to justice for those unfairly dismissed. Reach out today and begin your journey towards a fair resolution, backed by our expertise and no win no fee commitment.

Call 1800NOWINNOFEE or 1800ADVOCATES 24/7 for a FREE consultation.

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