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Empowering Complainants: Advocating for Choice in Jurisdiction for General Protections Matters

Welcome back to another 1800ADVOCATES blog, where we discuss pressing issues related to employment and human rights in Australia.

In today's blog post, we delve into a crucial topic that affects countless individuals across the country – the need to grant complainants the choice of jurisdiction for their general protections matters.

We would like you to join us in advocating for this essential change in the legal process to empower individuals, reduce costs, and streamline dispute resolution.

The Challenge Faced by Complainants

General protections matters, encompassing issues such as unfair dismissals and workplace discrimination, have become increasingly prevalent in the Australian employment landscape. However, navigating the current legal system can be fraught with challenges for complainants:

1. Delays: The Federal Circuit Court, while essential, often grapples with a backlog of cases, leading to significant delays in resolving disputes. Complainants may find themselves waiting for months, or even years, for their matters to be heard, causing undue stress and financial strain.

2. Costs: Engaging legal representation in the Federal Circuit Court can be financially burdensome for many complainants. Legal fees can quickly escalate, exacerbating the stress of an already challenging situation.

3. Efficiency: In contrast, the Fair Work Commission offers a more cost-effective and efficient alternative. Complainants have the option to represent themselves or seek assistance from professional advocates, providing a streamlined and accessible process.

Empowering Complainants with Choice

At 1800ADVOCATES, we believe that empowering complainants with the choice of jurisdiction for their general protections matters is not only a just course but also a practical solution to address these challenges.

We propose an amendment to the Fair Work Act that grants complainants the freedom to choose where their matters are heard, be it the Fair Work Commission or the Federal Circuit Court. This change offers numerous benefits:

1. Reduced Financial Burden: Complainants can opt for the Fair Work Commission, where they have the freedom to represent themselves or seek assistance from a professional advocate, significantly reducing the financial burden.

2. Faster Resolution: Matters heard in the Fair Work Commission tend to be resolved more efficiently, sparing complainants from extended periods of uncertainty and stress.

3. Accessible Justice: Providing complainants with a choice in jurisdiction aligns with our commitment to accessible justice, ensuring that everyone has a fair opportunity to be heard.

How You Can Support the Cause

We invite all Australians who share our commitment to fairness, efficiency, and accessible justice to support this important cause. Here's how you can make a difference:

1. Contact Your Local MP: Reach out to your local Member of Parliament and express your support for amending the Fair Work Act to grant complainants the choice of jurisdiction.

2. Raise Awareness: Share this message on social media, among your friends, family, and colleagues, to create awareness about the issue and garner more support.

3. Join Advocacy Groups: Consider joining or supporting advocacy groups, like 1800ADVOCATES, that are actively working towards this change in legislation.


It is our collective responsibility to address the challenges faced by complainants in general protections matters.

Empowering individuals with the choice of jurisdiction not only reduces costs and delays but also upholds the principles of accessible justice.

By rallying support and advocating for this change, we can ensure that all Australians have a fair and efficient process when addressing workplace disputes. Together, we can make a difference and create a more equitable employment landscape.

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